Monday, September 19, 2011

Presentation: Maneuver Warfare and Other Badass Habits of a Lean Product Developer at Tampere Goes Agile

Here are the slides for a presentation I gave in Tampere Agile Days.

The feedback I got:
29 green, 3 yellow, 3 reds.

What went well:
"It is great someone is emphasizing the customer side - at last"
"Completely new learnings"
"Excellent summaries of the things I already know"
"Excellent concrete examples without going too deep to them."
"This gives me new items on my to-learn backlog."
"One of the best presentations lately"
"Best slides of the day"
"Excellent structure."
"I really liked the way you described the inventory - it opened my eyes."
"Very good real-life examples."

To improve:
"I would hope to get even more concrete stuff."
"You could have spend more time explaining 5whys and A3."
"Maybe too analytic."
"Consider not using the word 'lean' at all."
"Your delivery was a bit static."
"Talk without slides or read all your slides" (My note: I missed this one as I had to read&point out some things from the slides.. maybe the feedback was about something else..)
"Several topics mentioned twice." (My note: True, but in different context - measurement and learning is different thing - maybe I was not clear on that..)

Few things I noticed by myself:
Always make sure the slides are front of you so that you do not loose the connection with the audience.
Pay attention where you stand - closer the audience the better.

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