Sunday, May 16, 2010

Agile Saturday Presentation: "8 Lessons Learned from Becoming Agile"

Here are the video and the slides for a presentation I gave on 15th of May at Agile Saturday organized by Agile Estonia.




1.Why do you want to be agile?
L1: Set a goal for being agile or you achieve nothing
L2: Commit to agile values and principles; your practices will follow
L3: Pilot is about learning. Learning is progress.

2.How to reach business agility?
L4: Business agility is about having adaptability and predictability
L5: Create product vision and validate it with customer development
L6: Find your Minimum Viable Product

3.Organization as a people system
L7:Optimize the whole
L8: Build great teams

Community notes

The books I mentioned

The Four steps to Epiphany (Customer development, twitter hashtags #custdev and #leanstartup):

The Five Dysfuntions of a Team (must read for team leads / scrum masters / managers): Estonian translation: (cover picture):

Thanks to Erkki Kildvee for sending the cover picture :o)

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