Monday, February 2, 2009

What works?

Sometimes I get tired of people asking details regarding implementing scrum. Of course I am happy to give insights based on my experience but often I feel that the right answer to their questions is "So does it work for you? Oh.. it does not, well what could you do to fix it?".

So it is about what works... which is about "inspect and adapt" and PDCA-cycles (Plan-Do-Check-Act). Here is a list of things that have worked for me from top of my head:

  • Team sitting in the same room, almost face-to-face all the time
  • Test-First development and refactoring (both in large & small)
  • Incremental development
  • Frequent, preferably continuous integration
  • Frequent deliveries, small batch size (great if you can deliver story-by-story)
  • Time-boxing
  • Single guy thinking about the product, prioritizing the work (scrum PO)
  • Doers estimating the effort (scrum team members)
  • Failing fast to learn fast, improving yourself by reflection
  • Easy access to domain experts / users
  • Automated tests
That's probably missing some, but you get the idea. The more I work with implementation of agile methods the more I ask the team to look into the values of agile ... into "what works?".

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Ari said...

I asked the same question in the last Agile Dinner and got a very nice list of things "that have worked" for other people in the past.

Here is the list: