Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do Not Sell Anything That You Do Not Believe In

Lately I have been part of various kick-off meetings and negotiations about delivering software for various companies. Too often the talk gets to the track of "getting it right by planning it carefully.. this time" and suddenly the team is asked to commit to the plan with fixed scope and time. It is amazing how we should believe the prediction that we come up with on day 0 even though the industry has so huge project failure rate.

This week I had to turn down a request about training project managers to waterfall approach to software development. The request mentioned "international industry standard approach (so it must be good?)", "ensuring the quality by following the waterfall process" and so on. It took me few days to come up with appropriate response that essentially said: "We are not selling anything we do neither believe nor have experienced working ourselves".

I was proud for a moment though I would really love to go such a training myself to learn what do others believe in or even better: is working for them.