Thursday, November 27, 2008

It is a craft aka when do we start the thinking

I participated to OO Days at Tampere University of Technology. The days were quite commercial (way too many open sales pitches about tools) but luckily there were also few good talks.

Alistair Cockburn was giving a talk about Effective Software Development In The 21st Century: The New Face Of Software Engineering that made me thinking the craft of software development. Take a look at his slides.

Another great talk came from James O. Coplien, I especially liked his criticism towards agile implementations and our industry not thinking nor feeling.

Nokia: Making the impossible happen: a few hundred synchronized Scrums -- setup and experiences was pretty "scratch the surface" kind of talk. It sounded very familiar based on the customers I have tried to help scale up. I was disappointed by the fact that Juha-Markus Aalto could not tell us if they actually had improved their cycle-time or even decreased the number of defects.

I find it disturbing that they have put gazillions of euros to get the implementation going on and they do not have any numbers to prove that it would be worth of it - why did they even started scaling before finding this out?!

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