Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scandinavian Agile Conference - get ready

As a member of the organizers I want to promote upcoming agile event.

Here's the official announcement:

Hello all,

A group of Agile Finland members have volunteered to start organizing the first Agile Finland Conference that has been baptised Scandinavian Agile Conference.

The Conference aims to fill-in a gap in the Finnish and Nordic areas where there is little opportunity to listen and discuss with world-class Agile leaders. Through this Conference organization we want to increase the knowledge about Agile and contribute to a faster and wider adoption of Agile Software Development in the Nordic countries. Being, as we are, Agile Finland we also want to provide a unique opportunity for our members to network with each other and other industry experts, in order to build a strong and active Agile community.

The Conference will take place on October 29th and the location will be the Marina Congress Center ( It will comprise three tracks: Awareness, Expert and Open Space.

The Awareness track will concentrate on case studies with Q&A sessions from the Agile change leaders from Scandinavia and elsewhere.

The Expert track will concentrate on more hands-on workshop aimed at people that want to increase their practical knowledge of Agile, this includes methods and skills.

The Open Space track is open to all of the participants, and it's contents are going to be defined on the spot by the participants. The Open Space track has become a key feature of Agile conferences/seminars all over the world and reflect the belief that people know what they need to discuss and would like to have an opportunity to discuss the latest hot topic with other like minded people. In this track you are expected to share your experiences but will also have the opportunity to get feedback on your ideas from real practitioners.

The organizers for the Conference are:
Pekka Abrahamsson, VTT, General Chair
Lasse Ziegler, Agile Finland, Awareness track Chair
Markus Hjort and Marko Taipale, Agile Finland, Expert track Chair
Petri Haapio, Agile Finland, Open Space track Chair
Vasco Duarte, Agile Finland, Organization Chair

All organizers can be reached at: firstname.lastname@... or alternatively at organizers (at) scan-agile dot org

Volunteer needed to maintain web-site:
For the organization of this Conference to be a success we also need the contribution from the community in many practical issues such as the web-site design/implementation and maintenance. As of now we are asking the community for a volunteer in helping us set-up the Conference web-site which is for now only a landing page (

If you are interested we can offer you free entrance to the Conference (estimated value: 200 Euros) and a special place in everybody's heart! Let us know of your interest by contacting the Organization Chair (see e-mail above).

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