Thursday, June 19, 2008

Huitale Launched

Huitale launched friends beta on 15th of June.

I want to share some numbers to shed a light on what and how we did it. I need to stress that we did not have full time developers, only myself as 1 day per week and Roberto on his freetime.

Note that we started the company without computers and network.

After ~70 man days spent on development and infrastructure we launched a consumer website for 100 beta users.

As part of the development we
  • Setup environments (wiki, CI, version control, bugtracking, web servers and database, end-user forum, nightly backups on mirrored network drive)
  • Setup scheduled hardware monitoring (memory, cpu, disk) and application monitoring (exception check)
  • Setup machines (2x Debian laptops)

  • 15 Sprints (2 week each, effective 2 working days per sprint per person = 2*2*15 = total 60 man days)
  • Stabilized velocity around 90 story points

Over 270 automated tests (and over 160 use cases tested)

  • ~7600 Non Commenting Source Statements (NCSS) (+ tons of HTML, not calculated as part of this)
  • ~400 classes

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