Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Excellent takeaways from Agile Architecture training

Agile Architecture course given by James O. Coplien was really interesting. Here's summary about my learning experience:

  • Model-View-Controller pattern should be described as Model-View-Controller-User as the user is vital for communicating the pattern to others.
  • TDD can ruin your architecture, Coplien has written an thought provoking article about that.
  • Architecture is about "What the system is" and "What the system does". Extreme agilists usually concentrate only on the latter.
  • Object-Oriented Programming is rather about Roles than Classes. Jim has written nice blog about that as well.

I have been following the TDD dicussion taking place on various blogs and now it is getting really interesting. I have actually started doing an experience report for XP2008 about my personal findings in my current Scrum team with help of my good friend Ari Tanninen.

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