Friday, June 26, 2015

New domain - restart


I just moved the blog from "" to my own domain "" as this is not anymore the company blog but rather my personal one.

 I see the years have been busy for me (starting up another company, moving from there to GE, having 3rd child and whatnot..) so no wonder there has not been any updates since 2012.

 New stuff coming up very soon.

I will also repost some broken (but popular) posts with some comments - I might have learnt something over the years. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Agile and Lean workshop at TEKES

How to be a Lean Product Developer at Agile Riga Day 2012

Here is my presentation video:

And slides:

Ketterän kehityksen Mitä, Miten ja Miksi

My slides from Mearra's event (public sector IT focus):

Showing the unseen (agile management war stories) at Scan-Agile 2012

Here is the video from Scan-Agile 2012:

Here is the slide deck:

Feedback: I got very good feedback (same as Dave Snowden) from the audience.

Agile and Testing at Tieturi (24.4.2012)

Here are my slides for the presentation at Tieturi (In Finnish):

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My AgileJKL presentation slides and video

Since slideshare has the file size limit (for free account) , I decided to publish the slides as downloadable file on my dropbox:

UPDATE: video: Enjoy!